Reiki is the Japanese word for universal energy. Reiki practitioners channel energy though their hands. We all have a natural ability to channel universal energy (reiki); reiki ho, ‘the method of reiki’, means we can be attuned to a healing wavelength of universal energy (reiki) and be taught ways of channeling this energy. Attunement occurs through a transmission of universal energy through the reiki master to the student. I trained in a school of natural healing that was started by a man called Mikao Usui (1865–1926), in Japan (I use Usui sensei to acknowledge respect. Sensei is the Japanese word for respected teacher). He experienced anshin ritsumei (reaching the true purpose of our life and a peaceful mind), during a retreat on Mount Kurama. He became aware that he was able to use reiki to help himself and others heal. Since then, his school of reiki has travelled worldwide, but within that journey it took different paths, creating different lineages. Initially I learned from a Western lineage. Reiki does not need to involve touch nor is it necessary for the client to lie down on a reiki table. I understand these might be obstacles for many counsellors.

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