A Bereaved Mum

I find it absolutely impossible to describe how it feels. I actually don’t think there are any feeling words that come anywhere near how it really feels. I thought I would try a few words that we all know from the Oxford dictionary.

  • excruciating (intensely painful)
  • unbearable (not able to be endured or tolerated)
  • unimaginable (difficult to imagine or comprehend)
  • torturous, agonizing, distressing………

The above words come close. Here are some more:-

  • heart-breaking
  • sadness
  • uncomfortable
  • tormenting

These words are just gliding over the spot so I decided to make up some of my own:-

  • screaminginsideness
  • heartsickeningness
  • cannotgoonness
  • lifesuckedoutofmeness
  • inconsolableful
  • wedon’tmoveonable
  • Iamnotbraveness
  • Ihavenochoiceful

C S Lewis wrote….

When I think of my early stages of grief, it was like I was drowning – I am actually scared of deep water, so yes I was really frightened. Every few breaths resulted in retching and throwing up nothing. I went to be sick so many times, I should have just stayed on the sofa and heaved. In fact, that’s what I ended up doing. Breathing? Was I? How did I manage that?

If you are reading this, you are either a bereaved mum or interested in bereavement per se, so I wonder if you have any of your own words to describe such a terrible loss.

What do you think of what C S Lewis wrote about?

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